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They are active, lively, and friendly little dogs. They love to be with people and are good protectors of their home and owners. They are not excessively noisy but they will warn or greet visitors enthusiastically. Ideally suitable as a family pet or a companion dog. They enjoy walks as long as they have company.Every day care is face washing, to avoid tear staining.Every week ears need cleaning, nails should be checked and trimmed as required, paying particular attention to the dew claws which are left on in this breed but become hidden in the wealth of hair, if neglected they grow painfully around into the leg. Attention must be paid to the feet as hair grows between the pads and which mats up giving the dog uncomfortable feet, careful trimming keeps this under control.The eyes of the Shih-tzu are the most vulnerable because of their shape which makes them susceptible to damage either in play or by foreign objects. So be careful.