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Its coat is smooth and short . Coat colors can be chocolate with rust-red, stag red, or black with red markings. This dog thinks he's big but dont tell him he isnt! He's quick and active, with a lively curiosity, and feels he's very important. He thoughtfully looks out for his family, bravely challenging intruders with his bold, bark.
Miniature Pinschers are alert, bold, spirited and lively.This breed gets along fine with children, provided it is not bothered too much by them. Some have been known to get aggressive with other dogs and strangers, however this behavior is not common if you introduce it to the world of dogs and strangers when its young.The Miniature Pinscher loves learning and obeys commands fairly quickly, so teach it tricks!
The Miniature Pinscher needs regular opportunities to run and play so it can stay happy and playful.