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Marrisa's Dog Doodle Bug

Yorshire Terrier- Doodle Bug.
Hate's baths, energetic, soft, cuddly, loveable,
and show quality. Comes in line
of dog show winners.I think he is so funny
and cute when I try to teach him how to play
 fetch and he runs off with the ball and spits it in the pool!

What I say about this...
lol that is funny and sweet. That is one special dog you have!


Marrisa's Dog Sugar

Sugar (a.k.a. Snoogums) Show quality, pouting dog,
underestimated, age eight, bark is worse then bite,
loves anything you're eating, mad about carrots,
has enxiety attacks. I love her because she
 has always been there
for me and still is.

What I have to say about this...
Ok, that is nice. It is just so out there.

Have any small perfect pets?
Contact me for info!