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Chihuahua's hair can be short or long. It's most common for a short-haired Chihuahua.Chihuahua's are tiny. Their adorably small head and big eyes make him almost irresistible to kids. This charmer is fragile, and they cant stay out in cold weather very long, they is more of an indoor dog. They absolutly love to bark and scamper around inside. These dogs are sweet and brave maybe a little too brave. They usually stay and appreciate with only one person, the one that is with them the most. They are fine with children and cats and dogs. Small children may at one point think the dog is a toy so you should be careful with that.The're claws must be kept trimmed, and the're teeth must be checked frequently for tartar buildup.
They usually are not trained because of their small size, but Chihuahuas are eager to learn.