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Rat-Terriers habits

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  • Feeding habits
  • Hard food, or moist food. Darla is used to dry food but absolutly LOVES moist food. Its ok to give your rattie a couple tablescraps. Just be careful about what u give. All dogs love treats, but ratties can go a bit crazy to get them. They can twirl, jump, jump and twirl, bark, sit and lift up a paw, and more! Thats why ratties are easy to train, they are obsessed with treats.

  • Loneliness
  • They can be left alone just try not to leave them alone indoors for too long. I would say the limit would be one to two hours.Sometimes they can get alittle mischevious. They really aren't too much trouble just make sure there is no place for any escape acts of diging under a possible fence or something.

  • Toys
  • Well, the only way to know what toys your rat-terrier likes, or well, any dog likes is to know them. You need to test out different toys like squeey toys, squishy toys without the squeek, stuffed toys, tug-o-war toys, exc. At the youngest and most playful age of the rat-terrier, they have lots of fun when you play tug-o-war with them.

  • Strange fact...
  • when you are telling a dog "bad dog" they may loose some of their happiness and become alittle sad. It is therefore better to say "no" or "not good".

    Teddy Roosevelt named rat terriers well... rat terriers! How you ask? Well, there was a problem with rats in the whitehouse and so President Roosevelt asked for a terrier that could get rid of the rats, a rat terrier. But dont forget the teddy bear! That got named after him amazingly too!


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    She's begging for a treat

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