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Info on Darla

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Info on Darla
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Darla is six years old, my family and I just recently celebrated her birthday. I made her a cake.... made out of doggie treats!
She is very nice and never bits well... only when your playing.
She is very jumpy, literally!
This is a picture that I drew after I put some wings on Darla then she did a funny yawn and it sounded kinda heavin-ish.
So then I TRYED to draw me in wings and I added alittle more but thats kind of how I look. 

Darla is the best dog in the whole world, she lights up my house she helps us relax... even if shes doing that herself!

Darla is awesome. I know that your rat-terrier is too!


ęCopyright 2005 Kayla Hekimian-Williams