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Hi, and welcome to my site about rat-terriers. They are truely wonderful dogs and are for everyone. They can be extremely loyal and playful. They are just full of energy!

Darla is the dog in that picture. She is my family's rat-terrier. She is energetic, loyal, lazy and spoiled :) She just had her birthday! We treated her like a queen. She is soooooooo lucky to be able to be so spoiled!

Quick facts:

Look in... rat-terrier habits for extra details
Rat-Terriers love...
1. Moist food (but they can have hard regular food too)
2. Lots of attention
3. Walks
Rat-Terriers don't...
1. Play catch with frisbee's or balls (at least Darla doesnt)
2. like being alone for a long time

here is how smart my dog is!
She types: w21xsz b  cf899999999c          xsddd ddddddfsfkdsxw,wcccc        kkkwcedddddknmm
In dog launguage, that probably means... "What am I doing on this keyboard!??! Lemme off comeon!!"


ęCopyright 2005 Kayla Hekimian-Williams

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